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What We Believe

  • Salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ

  • The Bible is the Authority for faith and practice

  • All believers can come before God without human intercession, are competent to interpret Scripture, and are free to follow the Holy Spirit

  • Baptism is for believers only and is by immersion (Why should I get baptized?)

  • Each church is autonomous and self-governing

  • Cooperative Missions is based on mutual trust and shared decision making

  • The State and Church should be separate in their function, but Christians should be highly involved in government processes & leadership roles

Our Mission

We will love one another and walk by faith to provide an evangelistic outreach to the Concho Valley and "the uttermost parts of the earth."  We will expand Christ's Kingdom one by one...

  • by preaching & teaching the inerrant, infallible Word of God

  • by sharing the gospel in creative ways

  • by faithfully praying for God's leadership

  • by experiencing God in enthusiastic worship

We will take the necessary actions to provide adequate physical facilities to minister effectively and to develop believers into servants of Christ.

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