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Explore The Heights

We are a Bible-believing congregation located in the heart of San Angelo, and we would love to invite you to visit our family. With age group ministries, worship, and service opportunities, we have something for every individual. Together, we can transform our world with God's life at a time. Come experience it yourself!

History of The Heights


The Heights is founded on a long history of faith and vision, beginning in 1907 when Mrs. Will Tandy saw the need for a Sunday School on the south side of town and sent her children to the neighbors to invite them to her home where she held afternoon prayer meetings once a week. Within a few months this small beginning resulted in the organization of a Sunday School the place of meeting was changed to an old store building on Avenue D.

The Sunday School grew at such a rapid rate that by the spring of 1908 a church organization was formed.  Over the new years, the church began to grow and the places of meeting changed to meet the needs of the congregation until, in 1945, the purchase of the property on the corner of Washington Drive and Austin was authorized under the church name of Park Heights Baptist Church.

During the 1990’s, The church experienced a period of growth and purchased property on Sherwood Way for future expansion.  Construction was started in 1998 with many of the church members donating a lot of their waking hours with their time and skills and the new building was occupied in Dec. of 2000 with a new name for the church, The Heights Baptist Church.

Throughout the years, the members of The Heights Church has committed themselves to prayer and service, and God has faithfully led with vision and provision.  Today The Heights Church sits in the heart of San Angelo and eagerly seeks to reach the hearts of the people of the city.

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