Devotional thoughts and updates from Will Sherman, our Student Pastor

Exploring Biblical Relationships

Relationships happen. Most of what happens in a relationship is internal. We choose how to act and be in a relationship. With a technological society based on shallow and distant connections, it becomes quite difficult to understand the full capacity of a relationship with someone once it needs to be expressed externally. Even families have been reduced to texting one another across the room or only finding out about an event in their family member's life by seeing an update on social media. What should our relationship look like? If we struggle with what a natural relationship should be then how will we ever understand a supernatural relationship with our heavenly Father? For the next few w

Dealing With Doubt

Have you ever had questions about your faith? Of course you have, but is that healthy? Doubt is something we, as humans, encounter on a daily basis. It literally is human nature to doubt. The question becomes: When is it okay for me to doubt? Doubting situations, circumstances, and people is one thing, but do you ever have doubts in what God can do in your life? If you're like me, then you don't openly doubt who God is or what He can do, but you tend to question how powerful God is when we insert OURSELVES into the situation. "Lord, I know you are all-powerful and can do all things... but can you do all of that through a messed up knucklehead like me?" That's pretty much what my thought proc

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The Heights Church is a Southern Baptist Church, a San Angelo church dedicated to the Great Commission and discipleship of followers by means of children's ministry, Mother's Day Out, youth programs, adult ministry, and outreach.