Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart

This gripping book by J.D. Greear has been a great study for our students at The Heights. So many of us question our salvation only to end up at another conference or event where some evangelist shares the gospel and we feel compelled to do it all over again... to pray the prayer.

Is that what life is supposed to be like? Are we meant to question our salvation at every turn? Does God want us to have assurance that we are His or does he want to keep us guessing about our eternal fate?

Sometimes I just want to change my relationship status with God to 'complicated'.

The reality is (and is addressed in Greear's book) that God does want us to have assurance in our salvation. The focus isn't on some specific prayer on some specific date, but on our CURRENT relationship and posture with Jesus NOW.

My own testimony comes in mind with this struggle for assurance:

I prayed a prayer when I was 7, gave my life to Jesus when I was 15, and discovered the depth and power of that decision when I was in my mid-twenties.

My conversion was a process.

We often find believers with stunning testimonies of immediate conversion and dramatic responses to traumatic events.

The rest of us are... well... different.

What J.D. Greear describes in the 8 chapters of his book are for us to rest in finished work of Christ.

Rest... do we even know what that means these days?!?

That rest is induced by a repentant posture of worship and submission to the authority of that finished work on the cross.

Faith that saves is faith that endures and that enduring faith is one that keeps us in the hands of our Creator for all of eternity.

That is NOT saying that our works earn our salvation, but our fruit is definitely evidence of it!

Our students have expressed their confidence in their conversion experiences and are ready to encourage others to begin a relationship with Jesus. What a wonderful reaction to our study and reflection of our purpose!

Rest in the finished work of Christ and be a disciple that makes disciples!

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