Exploring Biblical Relationships

Relationships happen. Most of what happens in a relationship is internal. We choose how to act and be in a relationship. With a technological society based on shallow and distant connections, it becomes quite difficult to understand the full capacity of a relationship with someone once it needs to be expressed externally. Even families have been reduced to texting one another across the room or only finding out about an event in their family member's life by seeing an update on social media.

What should our relationship look like? If we struggle with what a natural relationship should be then how will we ever understand a supernatural relationship with our heavenly Father?

For the next few weeks, our students will be exploring Biblical Relationships. We will breakdown what our relationships should look like as disciples of Christ - our relationship with the world, parents/mentors, friends, as well as dating, sex, and marriage.

If we are to have a healthy relationship in any of these scenarios, then we must first have an intimate relationship with Christ.... but it doesn't end there. Upon receiving salvation, we don't just ascend into heaven and begin our eternity. Our eternity begins with Holy Spirit coming down and indwelling within us and guiding us through the rest of our days here on earth as we relate our salvation experience to others.

While we are here, there will be relationships. What do those relationships look like from God's perspective?

Come to CrossWalk on Wednesdays at 6pm to find out.

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