Fruit of the Spirit

For the month of May, we are studying the fruit of the spirit. These nine attributes are crucial to produce in order to be obedient to God’s command for our lives as well as pivotal in the perception that non-believers have of what a disciple of Christ should look like.

Each week we will cover the following:

Love – God is love. We must know who Yahweh is if we are going to show this fruit in our lives.

Joy – True joy only comes from the Lord. Joy is a choice, not an emotion.

Peace – We can find peace in ever situation knowing that we are following the One who created everything!

Patience – This fruit will allow God to work through you instead of doing it all on our own.

Kindness – Forgiveness is what draws out kindness from within and kills bitterness.

Goodness – God is Good! Moral people face goodness only to later realize its finite & shallow depth.

Gentleness – We must speak truth in love. If we are harsh to others, we will blur the picture of the gospel.

Faithfulness – Jesus is the epitome of faithfulness. We must live a Christ-like life and show our devotion to our heavenly Father.

Self-control – Bearing fruit is an action, but this action might require less action. Control your heart and mind and focus on Jesus.

I hope you will join us at CrossWalk for some fun, worship, and learning as we grow together.

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